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Welcome one and all to Tiki Talk!

First of all, what’s with the name right? Well, Tiki Talk comes from our fun project where we used scrap metal to build our unique Tiki Bar. At our scrap metal Tiki Bar we’ve shared a few cold ones and exchanged some pretty good (and also some pretty bad) ideas. We figured it would be a great name for our virtual gathering place.

Tiki Talk is our blog, but more importantly we want it to be a place where we can address your questions, share your comments and let you know what is going on with our company. We want everyone to take part…customers, potential customers, experts and novices alike. We hope it will be a fun and friendly exchange.

Look, if we could hang and have a couple of beers and play a round of golf with everyone, we would do that. Believe me we would do that. For now, Tiki Talk is the place. Pull up a stool and join in.



Adhesive Bonding or Welding? The Answer May Surprise You

In fabrication the main way we create permanent joins is by welding. Welding has it's drawbacks though, some of which we've discussed here. Thin materials, dissimilar materials, aluminum, even stainless can present challenges. And then there's all the prep and...

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Heavy Metal Fabrication vs. Light Metal Fabrication

We're partial to a bit of heavy metal here at Wiley, but we don't mean the music. Walk through our shop and you might see the occasional Metallica or Iron Maiden tee-shirt, but when we say heavy metal we mean it in the fabrication sense. We've nothing against light...

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How Strong is Extruded Aluminum?

As you may recall from some earlier Tiki Talk posts, we’re big fans of extruded aluminum. It’s strong for its weight, machines easily and can be extruded into an almost limitless variety of cross-sections. That makes it ideal for applications ranging from window...

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Is There a Place in Metal Fabrication for Generative Design?

Remember Groundhog Day? Not the day in February but the movie starring Bill Murray. In it Murray plays a character forced to live the same day over and over. This gives him the opportunity to try different things until he hits on the magical combination of actions...

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Metal Fabrication Cutting Tools: Saw vs. Angle Grinder

Is there anyone alive who hasn't used a saw? It's one of the simplest tools to use, (or so it appears at first glance.) Just place the teeth against what you want to cut and push it forward. Then draw it back and push it forward. Over and over. At this point perhaps...

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6 FAQ’s about Cold Weather Welding

Despite our superhuman feats of fabrication, we're all mortals here at Wiley, and we've been shivering through what feels like a long winter. That got us wondering though, we know Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is somewhere in the Arctic: how does he handle the cold?...

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How a Good Attitude Can Advance Your Welding Career

There is an attribute that you don't have to pay to learn to build a successful welding career. It reaches beyond skill and even talent. In most cases, it is more valuable than knowledge and even experience. If you want to build a successful welding career it starts...

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