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Welcome one and all to Tiki Talk!

First of all, what’s with the name right? Well, Tiki Talk comes from our fun project where we used scrap metal to build our unique Tiki Bar. At our scrap metal Tiki Bar we’ve shared a few cold ones and exchanged some pretty good (and also some pretty bad) ideas. We figured it would be a great name for our virtual gathering place.

Tiki Talk is our blog, but more importantly we want it to be a place where we can address your questions, share your comments and let you know what is going on with our company. We want everyone to take part…customers, potential customers, experts and novices alike. We hope it will be a fun and friendly exchange.

Look, if we could hang and have a couple of beers and play a round of golf with everyone, we would do that. Believe me we would do that. For now, Tiki Talk is the place. Pull up a stool and join in.



Manufacturing Industry Trends for 2019

This is the time of year to look back and prepare for the future. There is value in reviewing the successes and mistakes of the past year and in looking at where opportunities may lie in the future. This has been a good year in metal fabrication and manufacturing and...

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Welding vs. Metal Fabrication

If you know anything about welding the title above might have you scratching your head. There's no choice to be made between the two, it's not an either-or. Welding is part of fabrication, just as grilling is part of cooking. Sure, you can cook without grilling but if...

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Hot Cracks vs. Stress Cracks in Aluminum Welding

Aluminum is not easy to weld, but it can be done if you know what you're doing. At Wiley we know a few things about welding, so if you don't mind we're going to show off a little. Understand the Problem Welds made in aluminum experience two types of cracking. These...

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8 Tips for Extending Punch Press and Punch Tool Life

They say you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. Well you can of course, if you wallop it hard enough, but you shouldn’t. Hammer on that peg and you’ll damage both it and the hole while the hammer will spring back at you with surprising force. Metal punching...

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The New Definition of Skilled Workers in Manufacturing

If the conversations during and after the IMTS 2018 (International Manufacturing Trade Show) held in Chicago in September are any indication, digitalization in manufacturing should be a foregone conclusion. How and when it precisely takes place may still need to be...

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Good vs. Bad:What You Need to Know About Colored Welds

Bright colors are often a danger sign. Snakes and fungi use color to warn us away, and then there's The Joker. Usually depicted in a purple jacket, mustard shirt and green vest that matches his hair, we know he's nothing but trouble. It's the same with welds in...

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