Utility trucks are America’s vehicle workforce. Utility trucks are an important part of keeping our power on, our street lights lit and our cable TV playing. Depending on their intended use, utility vehicles each have their own personalities. Wiley Metal is pleased to work with utility truck manufacturers in helping to create these workhorses that serve as on-the-road offices for thousands of employees.

What We Fabricate

At Wiley Metal we build a variety of products that make these vehicles unique. Our metal fabrication list includes long-lasting boom rests. We build tailshelfs and frame extensions. We create man baskets, forkarms and control baskets. Our team makes tool boxes, bolt bins and cone holders. When utility truck manufacturers need a part or component, we are here to help.

Proactive World – Class Components

Part of our job is to be proactive in keeping up with the industry. Like your personal automobile, utility trucks are getting more and more sophisticated. Today’s utility trucks are far from pick-up trucks with ladder racks. They are sophisticated vehicles where every square inch is maximized. They are designed to be durable, dependable and productive. Utility truck manufacturers know their reputation is on the line with each completed vehicle and at Wiley, we do our part to provide them world-class components.

Maximize Capacity, Minimize Weight

One of the challenges in working with utility truck manufacturers is helping them keep the weight of these vehicles to a minimum while constructing durable parts. This is where our engineering team is so valuable. At Wiley Metal, our years of experience working with these manufacturers have made us experts in creating quality components that maximize capacity while minimizing weight.

Safety is Key

Working with utility truck manufacturers is just one of the many aspects of our work with various vehicles at Wiley Metal. We work with fire trucks and emergency vehicles. We partner with some of the world’s most reputable recreational vehicle manufacturers. Our team works in creating products for tractor trailer fleets and utility trailer companies. In each of these cases safety plays a critical role.

Put our experience to work for you. If you have a part or component that has been manufactured the same way for years, give us an opportunity to re-create it for you. If you have an idea that you need help with bringing to fruition, contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to work with new products and concepts and are happy to discuss any project with you.

Let’s get to work!