Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are integral in keeping our power on, our cable TV operating, our water flowing and our internet operating. If they delivered pizza they would be the best vehicle ever. Utility trucks serve as the workplace for thousands of hard working people in utility based and related industries. Companies and individuals purchase utility truck accessories to be more efficient, cost effective and comfortable in their work. They also buy them to help provide a secure place for thousands of dollars in tools and supplies. These are All-American vehicles that keep America functioning and keep Americans employed. Heck, it is almost our patriotic duty to keep these vehicles outfitted with quality Wiley Metal utility truck accessories that are built to last. Join us, won’t you?

Boom Rest

Few of the products we offer are as fun to say as “boom rest”. Few are as critical to the operation of utility trucks either. Boom rests are an often purchased and key component in utility trucks. We are pleased to offer metal boom rests that provide superior service and longevity. Your customers will likely judge you on the products you offer. We know ours do. It is why we work so hard to create products that deliver satisfaction. Even in our boom rests. Boom rests…boom rests…


Tailshelfs are a popular utility truck accessory that extend the work area at the rear of the truck. We even offer tailshelfs that offer storage and can be accessed from street or curbside ends; although these are not recommended for utility trucks with cranes. Tailshelves can also include a battery compartment. We love making life easier and more convenient, and utility truck tailshelfs offer both!

Control Panels

Who doesn’t like to be in control? Our Wiley Metal utility truck control panels make sure the right person stays in control of the vehicle, while protecting critical electrical components from the elements. Poorly constructed control panels can lead to deteriorating mechanicals and expensive repairs. They can also provide far too easy access to unauthorized people. Take control of the quality of products you offer by offering superior Wiley Metal control panels.


Hey, if we had the power to change the weather we probably wouldn’t be in the metal fabrication business. At least not all of us would. The fact is every part of the country experiences severe weather. Heavy rains, winds, ice and snow can wreak havoc on items stored in a utility truck bed. Our quality built utility truck housings provide storage systems that stand up to extreme weather anywhere. Choose options that include drawers and slide-outs. Maximize capacity and protection with housings from Wiley. We may not be able to change the weather but we can stand up to it.


Utility workers perform acts of bravery the rest of us may never attempt. They work on power poles and deal with electric lines during storms. This however, does not exempt them from mistakes. Thus the market for utility truck guards. Rear window guards can prevent expensive damage to truck windows and minimize repair downtime. Accidents and shifting loads can cause a variety of damages and our line of utility truck guards can pay for themselves in protection. It is why companies buy these guards in large quantities. Provide them a quality choice.


We like to think we are pretty versatile when it comes to versatility. It is why we offer forkarms that add a new dimension of versatility to utility trucks. Forkarms add productivity and reach to utility truck projects and Wiley Metal has taken implemented customer suggestions in creating forkarms that are, well…versatile. We think you get the picture.

Man Baskets

We bet you’d get all kind of interesting responses asking people on the street the definition of a “man basket”. For those in the business, we understand that it is a mission critical part of a utility truck boom system. While many manufacturers build man baskets to last for years, ours are created to last decades. We offer a wide range of man baskets in varying styles and capacities for almost every imaginable application. They provide a safe, secure and steady platform for workers to accomplish their tasks.


Safety is important in the creation of all of our products. It is imperative in our utility truck accessories. This includes our heavy metal shims. Ask anyone who has every worked in a bucket truck to attest to the value and significance of appropriate vehicle shimming. Shims help provide balance and minimize movement. Shims are relatively simple in their design and extremely important in their use. Offer your utility truck accessory customers shims designed to stand the test of safety and time.


Most of our parents told us early on to take care of our stuff and to put it away. Our utility truck covers provide for both. Our covers provide security from theft and protection from the elements. They give workers a “place for every item”. We create them to maximize storage space and access, while also being attractive. Ask about options like ladder racks. Customers love our long-lasting, good-looking utility truck covers and we love having a small part in helping to make their parents proud.

Bolts Bins

We don’t know who first said “time is money”, but we are pretty sure they were talking about bolts bins. Finding appropriate nuts and bolts while on the job can take unnecessary time and cause frustration. Our bolts bins come in a variety of options to help keep small parts organized. These long lasting bolts bins are built to provide years and years of service, saving time and money all along the way!

Sign Holders

Utility trucks are self-contained worksites. Even to the point of having their own signage systems. Convenient sign display options improve worker safety by helping to communicate ongoing work to passing traffic. Our sign holders are available in free standing choices or in vehicle-attached options. Who doesn’t want to tell some people where to go every now and again?

Tool Boxes

Utility trucks without appropriate tool boxes are like an apple pie without apples. This is why we spend so much time designing and manufacturing tool boxes that workers appreciate. Our heavy duty tool boxes are available in aluminum and steel and come with a crazy choice of door, drawer, shelf and divider options. Mounting options are also available.

Boom Covers

If you have clients in the market for boom covers, Wiley Metal can help make you a hero. We construct custom boom covers for utility trucks that customers appreciate. Each is built to our standards which in turn means years and years of use. Let us help raise you in the ranks of suppliers who provide access to quality Wiley Metal boom covers.

Tank Straps

Unsecured or poorly secured tanks can cause a whole host of problems that can make the mayhem insurance commercials look like a Disney movie. Welding tanks, fuel tanks, propane tanks and others are not something utility truck workers or their companies want to take lightly. Offering quality tank straps that offer security and stability for a variety of tank sizes and types should be an easy decision. It is why we put so much effort into a relatively simple product.

Pivot Tubes

Some things in life are fairly simple. Pivot tubes can wear out. Pivot tubes will need replacement. Quality pivot tubes need replacement less frequently. Wiley Metal manufactures quality pivot tools. When you offer quality pivot tools to your customers they are likely to purchase them. Pretty simple huh? Maybe we need to work on our sales skills.


Well-constructed utility truck platforms provide a solid, flat surface for a variety of jobs. Notice we said “well-constructed”. Not every fabricator takes the time, has the experience, or takes customer feedback into account when developing platforms for utility trucks. At Wiley, we may not be perfect, but we listen pretty well. We think our platforms are an example of that.

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