Wiley Welding Services

Quality Welding Services By Wiley Metal

We’re known for high-quality fabricated metal components and welded assemblies produced to exacting standards. This includes leak-proof vessels and structural steel assemblies. With our extensive capabilities and AWS-certified welders, we have the welding expertise your fabrication project needs.

Our Welding Capabilities

Material conductivity and thickness play major roles in the welding process, as does part design and the number of welds and pieces required. That’s why we’ve invested in welding capabilities that include:

  • 3 robot laser welding cells
  • 1 fiber laser welder
  • 13 MiG Lincoln Power Wave welders
  • 2 TiG welders
  • Resistance/spot welding

Our Welding Technology

GMAW/MiG is ideal for most welding jobs. It gives us speed and controllability while minimizing the heat-affected zone, dross, and post-weld clean-up. GTAW/TiG is good for some of the aluminum and thin sheet welding we get asked to do, while resistance welding is another tool for thin-sheet.

Fiber laser welding is a newer technology. It gives us great control over the process and minimizes heat input, which reduces distortion. It can also join dissimilar metals. And for precision and repeatability, especially on higher quantity work, we have our robotic welding cells.

Certified Material Expertise

Our welders are AWS-certified through the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology to structural codes D1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. (That’s steel, aluminum, and sheet steel respectively.) This professionalism extends to a wide range of materials, from mild steel and stainless to low alloy steels and aluminum. In addition, our internal processes ensure only certified welders are welding parts based on print requirements.

Quality Built-In

Quality welds start with high-accuracy cutting. From there each piece is cleaned, prepped, and passed to fit up. Precise positioning and adherence to industry best practices result in clean, defect-free welds.

Good welders produce next-to-no spatter. Despite that, at Wiley, every weldment is cleaned thoroughly before passing to the next stage in the process.

Attention to detail is a Wiley hallmark. From the initial fit-up to the post-weld clean-up, our welders are focused on delivering work we can all be proud of. Their MIG welds are smooth, straight, and uniform with a flat profile and no cracking, slag, or holes. TIG welds in contrast always show a consistent pattern of weld beads and again, are free from pores and other defects.

For superior part-to-part consistency, Wiley Metal offers robotic welding. The accuracy and repeatability of our robots ensure the last part welded is the same as the first part.

Trust Wiley for Your Welding Work

At Wiley, we take pride in the professionalism of our welders, the way every welding job is planned and performed, and the quality of the work. We do more than welding though: we’re a one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs. Contact us today for a quote.

Featured Service: Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting allow us to create cutting edge (pun intended) products that reach specs that are impressive. These procedures allow us to also work with materials like hot-rolled and cold-rolled steels, galvanized materials, stainless, and aluminum alloys and extrusions, as well as many varieties of tubing, expanded metals, bar stock, fasteners and hardware items.