Here at Wiley Metal, we have our share of “know It all’s”. Mostly we each just take our turn around the Tiki Bar. Having multiple “know it all’s” can be very beneficial in sheet metal fabrication.

Problem Solvers

There is one group in particular, however, who stands out among the others. They are a group you don’t want to go into a meeting with unarmed. When they talk amongst each other, the conversation usually starts slowly, then you will hear a “You know what I would do?” followed by someone else’s “Yeah, that would work…and then how about…” followed by “And then we could…” Soon you have a few guys drawing and peering over each other’s shoulders nodding and speaking trigonometry and metallurgy. These are the times we have learned to just step back and let the ideas fly. It’s a thing of beauty, really. This is the time when the engineers are at their creative best. Fact is though, I’m not sure they even see themselves as being creative, but perhaps, more as problem solvers.

Engineering Superpowers

We love our engineers. They have the ability to pick up something, look at it from all angles, turn it upside down and look at it from underneath and visualize how it can be improved. They have an almost supernatural ability to see “through” something.  We think they actually like it when we start a conversation by telling them “Here’s what we want to do.” Time after time after time, these guys come through not only for us, but for our Wiley Metal clients. Through the years, our engineering services have become a critical component of our overall metal fabrication services.

A ‘Know it All’ Is A Valuable Asset

In this new series of blogs, we want to share a closer look at our engineers, why they are so important to us and how they work for you. These are the folks who take a piece of rolled metal and help turn it into something functional and valuable. In some cases even beautiful. It can be a large faceplate for a newly designed ATM, easier to use steps for an RV, or a tiny hinge that keeps drawers or cabinet doors closed while traveling.

These guys don’t just get a kick out of making things. They love making things better. Somehow you just know there is no unmodified piece of lawn care equipment in their garage at home.  Quirky? Quirky smart. We have seen first-hand how these guys have made a significant difference in a company’s products and profits. We have seen how their ideas have helped secure some valuable client’s for Wiley Metal and how their importance as part of our “services” has grown.

Up next, a closer look how our engineering services go from beyond just adding value to solving real problems.