Perhaps no product we produce is as visible and generates more interest than our stainless steel polished bumpers created by the Avionic Structures Indiana (ASI) division of Wiley Metal. In fact, we have written several articles on the polishing process including how tequila and rubies play a role in their creation.

These stainless steel bumpers are a favorite among OEM manufacturers in the emergency vehicle and firetruck industry. They are currently on firetrucks in all 50 states. Our bumpers are iconic and have extraordinary reflective capabilities and are exceptionally durable, especially compared with chrome bumpers. These bumpers have become so associated with first

responders, we have created custom, highly polished stainless steel polished bumper plaques that are used in firehouse dedications, to recognize retirements, to salute a fallen comrade, and other significant events.

Why do OEM manufacturers love our stainless steel polished bumpers so much?

  • They are attractive. Our stainless steel bumpers are good looking. In an industry that spends so much time working with and caring for their vehicles, this is an important characteristic.
  • They are distinctive. Our bumpers are recognizable and make a statement about the communities and departments where they are used. This helps instill pride and a spirit of teamwork that is critical.
  • They are versatile and customizable. OEM manufacturers appreciate that we can customize our polished bumpers to their exact specifications with the options they desire. Bumpers can be extended and can include capabilities to include tool chests, winches, and more.
  • They are exceptionally durable. OEM manufactures know that stainless steel polished bumpers will have a much longer lifespan than other painted and non-painted surfaces. Chrome can deteriorate rapidly upon incurring a dent or scratch. Painted surfaces are also susceptible to rust. Our stainless steel bumpers are not only created to be durable but to keep their stunning good look throughout their lifespan.
  • OEM manufacturers know they can trust us. A key component in why OEM manufacturers love our stainless steel polished bumpers is because they know they are backed by the entire ASI staff and Wiley Metal in general. They have come to understand the value our extensive polishing process provides and how we work with them to provide the exacting product they desire.

Because we get some many inquiries about our stainless steel polished bumpers for firetrucks and safety vehicles, we have created a new video we invite you to view. This video helps demonstrate the sheer power it takes to bend these bumpers into shape and how hands-on the process is. It shows how we achieve the sparkling surface with a combination of a black sisal polishing wheel and black sisal compound. It is time-consuming, hard work but when you see the end of the video, we think you’ll agree the results are stunning.

If you would like to know more about Wiley Metal, our ASI Division, our polished stainless steel bumpers or any of our metal fabrication services, please contact us. You may even have an idea for how a highly polished, stainless steel part or product may work for your particular application. We love talking about potential new concepts so feel free to give us a call.