Stainless steel is the material of choice for a growing number of industries including the domestic and commercial appliance industry, food service and medical production facilities, and military, defense, and aircraft industries. These sectors are attracted to stainless steel because of its strength, durability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. They particularly appreciate the superior surface finish that stainless steel and polished stainless steel can provide.

At Wiley Metal, we’ve been called meticulous, creative, ingenious, and even obsessive when it comes to our stainless steel and polished stainless steel products. We take all of these comments as terrific compliments. We fully appreciate the value and importance that surface finish plays in stainless steel fabrication.

A Specific Finish for Specific Purposes

Stainless steel is generally finished for the specific purpose it will serve in the field.

Number 1 finish:  This finish is hot-rolled and finished for mainly industrial purposes, in particular, for equipment that operates at higher temperatures. These can include air heaters, baffles, stacks, and duct work.

Number 2 finish: This is often used for bake ware and exhaust systems.

Number 3 finish:  This finish features short, coarse parallel lines and are popular for breweries and food service industries.

Number 4 finish: This increasingly finer polishing technique creates a more reflective surface often found on stainless steel appliances in homes.
brushed steel .jpg
Number 5 and Number 6 finishes: These brushed stainless steel finishes can be seen in everything from jewelry to architecture like the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Number 7 finish: This highly polished steel finish is achieved by polishing a Number 4 finish to a 320-grit finish and buffing it for 10 minutes or more. At this level, stainless steel is highly reflective. While it is finely buffed, a Number 7 finish will still show grit lines.

Number 8 finish: This is a mirror-like finish that results from meticulous polishing and buffing to virtually remove all grit lines. It is an impressive process to witness and is the process we use in making the highly-polished stainless steel fire truck bumpers produced by the ASI Division of Wiley Metalbumper buffer_wiley_metal_ASI.jpg

You can learn more about stainless steel’s various finishes, their uses and even view examples of the finishes at the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) website’s Stainless Steel Information Center.

More Than Just Appearances

Polished stainless steel provides more than just attractive looks. A surface finish contributes to its ability to resist corrosion and how easily it is to maintain. People are drawn to stainless steel often due to its appearance but it is a durable and practical solution in many industries.

At Wiley Metal and our ASI Division, we produce a variety of stainless steel products from those distinctive fire truck bumpers to air and storage tanks for the truck and recreational vehicle industry. We are also open to discussing new ideas for the use of polished stainless steel.

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Do you have an idea for using stainless steel in the beverage, food or pharmaceutical industry? Perhaps you have an out of the box idea for another application. Stainless steel has proven to be a versatile and innovative material that has been used in everything from construction to automotive and from cookware to jewelry. What concepts do you have? Contact us, and let’s talk how we may work together!