A “Know It All” Is A Good Thing
In our series on our engineering services at Wiley Metal, we took a look at why having a few “know it all’s” can be a good thing when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. It nurtures a mental competitiveness that is good for us and our customers. We discussed why “You know what I would do?” is usually followed by a terrific exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Problem Solving
We addressed how we rely on our engineers to solve problems. The problem may be solved by viewing it from a different angle, creating a totally new solution, or by improving on an existing piece. Solving problems is a big part of what our engineers do and we appreciate them for that.

“We Can Do That!”
We looked at how a “can do” attitude is a powerful tool when clients come to us with ideas. How our people love bringing concepts to reality. We enjoy telling clients “We can do that!” when it comes to their sheet metal fabrication project.

Efficient, Effective and Affordable
We reviewed how our engineering department is asked to do much more than just solve problems. They are asked to solve problems efficiently, effectively and affordably. In many cases, they are asked to produce parts or products that will add to a client’s bottom line. This adds to their layers of responsibility. More often than not, they come through.

The Story Behind our SKUs
I mentioned previously that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of SKUs in our inventory. To some degree, each one has their own story. Some are simple stories of parts that we started producing for a customer. Others are much more interesting. Some of these parts have stories that start with a client idea that was brought to us as a raw concept. Many times these ideas are molded and shaped in our engineering department. They may come to life in a prototype that undergoes multiple facelifts. Eventually, many of these have morphed into parts and products that have solved problems, created value, or saved money.

You Are In Good Hands

We believe you are in good hands with our engineering services at Wiley Metal. They have accomplished some pretty amazing things and solved some significant issues for clients. They are part of what you are “buying” when you become a client of Wiley Metal. Quite frankly, they also make things interesting and keep us on our toes.

If you would like to know more about our metal fabrication engineering services, we invite you to contact us. Tell us your story or about that project or product that you need help pushing out of the conceptual stage. You may be surprised to learn about similar paths others have taken. We would love to be able to tell you too that “We can do that!”