This is our last part in a series discussing the relationships of manufacturers and their OEM contract suppliers. We started by addressing the single most important factor when choosing an OEM parts supplier. We’ve looked at why outsourcing to an OEM contract manufacturer makes sense. We’ve also pointed out some red flags to look for when working with an OEM contract manufacturer. We’ve shown how they can save you money and we gave you twenty pretty enlightening questions to ask when in search of an OEM contract supplier. This series addressed some of the misperceptions¬†manufacturers have about outsourcing and the importance of trust. To close, we would like to explain some of the reasons Wiley Metal can be your trusted metal fabrication contractor.

  • We have decades of experience. The Wiley Metal resume isn’t filled with promises. It is backed with decades of satisfied customers. There is something to be said for maturity in business, like gaining a full understanding of the value of a reputation.
  • We are large enough to deliver, but small enough for the personal service you deserve. If you have a question, concern or an idea, odds are very good you can talk to someone here whose name is on our building.
  • We don’t just talk about quality. We are currently going through the stringent, world-recognized ISO certification program and take steps, virtually every day, to get better.
  • We support manufacturing in the USA. As on-shoring of outsourcing becomes increasingly popular, we offer metal fabrication services right here in the heart of the country, Indiana. We have a Midwest American work ethic and are family oriented.
  • Our engineers work with you to improve your parts and products. We proactively look for better solutions for our partner clients, helping find more efficient ways to produce what they need. Our engineering team is at your disposal.
  • We work with start-ups. Our team loves partnering with small, start-up companies with terrific ideas. Many of our clients today came to us as a start-up.
  • We work with world-wide, world-class companies. We are fortunate to have been chosen to partner with some world-famous brands, particularly in the truck-trailer and recreational vehicle industry. These are organizations who demand the very best from every OEM contract supplier they use, and we take pride in delivering.
  • We do our best to maintain transparency. We are upfront and straightforward with our partner clients, and make every attempt to answer questions promptly and honesty. This helps build trust in a relationship and that is our goal.
  • We keep up with technology and changes in the metal fabrication industry. We continue to make investments in people, technology and equipment to be the best metal fabrication contractor we can be.
  • We understand your concerns in choosing an OEM contract supplier. Look, we know that selecting an OEM parts contractor is a bit like letting your teenager use the car. You are sure to have concerns. But somewhere along the line you develop trust and before you know it, you discover some of the benefits (like not having to be a chauffeur!).

We want you to feel absolutely comfortable with Wiley Metal as your choice in a metal fabrication contractor. We will be more than happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns. You can schedule a tour of our facilities almost anytime. If we don’t feel like we can deliver what you need when you need it, you can count on us to be upfront. You can also feel comfortable asking us anything about our company and how we do business.

Don’t let your unanswered questions or misperceptions keep you from discovering the value in working with the right OEM contract supplier. Contact Wiley Metal and let’s discuss what we may able to do…together. Like you, we are looking for terrific partners.